African Day Parade
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Showcasing the Beauty, Richness, and Diversity of African Cultures.
54 Countries. One Continent and the African Diaspora, the 6th Region of the African Union.

We are people of African Descent from the continent of Africa, with our rich cultural backgrounds; we are African Americans from the United States of America, we are Afro-Caribbean (or West Indians) from the Caribbean, we are from South America. We have come together to mutually work together in planning a parade, as well as providing for an ongoing vehicle for the celebration of Africa and the people of African descent.


The Mission of the African Day Parade is Pan-African in scope, bringing together all people of African descent, showcasing the beauty, intensity and diversity of African Culture.


To celebrate who we were, who we are, and who we can become. To tell the story of a unified African people, cognizant of our abundant cultural heritage, as well as the multitude of gifts we have given to the world through our progeny.

We are here to introduce Africa to those people of Africans Descent who are not aware of their own greatness; who have been divided by borders, geography, languages, ideologies, and are therefore not aware of each otherís histories; to show that we all have so much more that brings us together, than what divides us. We are here to put our beauty, ingenuity, and accomplishments on display for each other and all to see, appreciate and enjoy through our rich variety of music, song, dance, and pageantry. Given the opportunity to present our art to the world, Africa will gain renewed respect and authentically, and express her promising future.

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